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About the Consultancy

The Behaviour Change Consultancy was established by Warwick Dyer in 1997.   Since this time we have developed rapidly, providing high quality training and consultancy in the fields of parental interaction in the home and behaviour and classroom management and efficient teacher delivery.

The consultancy was established supported by other former members of the prestigious Tower Hamlets School Support Team. With expansion the Consultancy is supported by associate consultants drawn from the fields of education, training, and research.

Warwick Dyer is not a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist or counsellor, he is an experienced teacher, specialist teacher and advisor who worked for 18 years for the prestigious Tower Hamlets School Support Team. His work, supported by 6 years of weekly in-service training and weekly case-study analysis, was to change child behaviour and train teachers and parents in behaviour change and management.

During this period he was an advisor for early primary literacy development with the Tower Hamlets THRIVE programme, an advisor and facilitator for behaviour management policy cross phase, acting infants' school Deputy Head and both a behaviour mentor and (for a short time) Acting Head of Department in a secondary school.

He worked across the full age range with both parents and teaching professionals. His focus throughout his career was to train parents, teachers and school managements to effectively change children's behaviour and implement efficient behaviour management policy.

Backed by this unique experience in the analysis of home and classroom interactive behaviour, Warwick established The Behaviour Change Consultancy in 1997 expanding his work with parents and delivering training to a wide range of audiences, including: individual schools, groups of professionals, parenting organisations, teaching agencies and teaching colleges.

Warwick has considerable experience in working with disaffected young people and pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties and has exceptional success in working with teachers and parents. He has been a long-time advocate for effective inclusive education policy.

He has an established track record in the training of other professionals, especially in the areas of : emotional and behavioural difficulties; delivery-efficiency and has unique experience and expertise in the analysis of teacher-pupil interaction.

List of Recent Educational Work

Theoretical Basis Warwick Dyer's Work

He is author of forthcoming:

"Bad Behaviour"
Full size E-Book downloadable Here

Developing and Implementing a Whole-School behaviour Policy
(David Fulton Publishers)

Main Advisor for Behaviour Change Method used in
UK Channel 4's "Cutting Edge"  documentary
"Bad Behaviour"

In discussion about production of another behaviour programme for 2009    "Bad Behaviour"

How Are the first "Cutting Edge" Family Doing Now?

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Warwick Dyer's

Ebook/read on Kindle/or computer

£4.00  ($6)

Print Book

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