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Comments in the National Press

"Parents take one last go at solving their child's problems by embarking on Mr. Dyer's unique system of behaviour management which turns into a voyage of discovery for them all." - The Daily Mirror

"A behaviour expert with honesty"   "The message that it was possible to change your life for the better simply by breaking a malign pattern of behaviour made for optimistic, even moving, TV"  Janice Turner  - The Radio Times

"Within weeks of the parents adopting Mr. Dyer's techniques, the behaviour of their daughter had improved."   "By the end of seven months their child was having less than two tantrums a month and her special needs diagnosis was being reviewed.  Her mother said: 'The change has been incredible. It has all been done without ritalin.  Before I hated her.   Now she is a normal child."
  Maxine Frith - The Independent

"Three months on and Warwick's techniques appear to have done the trick.   Improvements are noticed at school and at home where Georgina is calmer and more agreeable" - The TV Times

"By the end three dangerously desperate people were beginning to turn themselves into a normal family.   Whatever his fee was,  Mr. Dyer earned it and then some."       Thomas Sutcliffe - The Independent Review

"a humbling, chilling film for any parent to watch.
      - The Times

"Things began to change for the better within only a few days."
- Peter Paterson   The Daily Mail

"Warwick's methods seem almost too simple to be true, but after a short time Georgina's parents begin to reap the dividend."
- The Mail's Weekend Magazine

"Mercifully a behaviour expert, Warwick Dyer, was able to work with the couple and break the downward spiral or rage and recrimination."
- The Times Magazine

"Warwick Dyer, an expert on child behaviour, spots the root of the problem."
- The Independent's Information Magazine

"Warwick Dyer has created a unique system of child behaviour management."
- The Express

How are the couple from the programme and their daughter doing now?

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