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Canada’s 1st Annual

AD/HD Community Conference

Carleton University Azrieli Theatre March 27 and 28

Speakers have been selected to address the true and real everyday needs and issues of  the AD/HD Community

If you wish information on AD/HD proper call  613.ADD.ADHD or visit  www.adhdcanada.ca

   Speaker line-up

Saturday March 27th     doors open 8:00 am  First speaker at 9:30 am

       Dr. Cheryll Duquette   University of Ottawa Faculty of Education, professor, and author of recently released Students at Risk: Solutions to Classroom Challenges. Cheryll will provide suggestions for teaching students with AD/HD.

                 Warwick Dyer   United Kingdom Behaviour Change Consultancy, Youth Behaviourist, Great Britain.  Mr. Dyer’s approach to behaviour modification has gained wide recognition in Great Britain.  Why?  Because his method works.  Please visit the Behaviour Consultancy  web site for more information: www.advice4parents.free-online.co.uk/index.htm

   Lunch (catered $6.00 per person)

      Dr. Carney Matheson   Paleo-DNA Laboratory director, speciality - Ancient DNA. Dr. Matheson presents his review of  2001 research dating suspected AD/HD gene group DRD4 back 40,000 years in our human linage dispelling the myth that AD/HD is something new. www.ancientdna.com/

                Robert Cooper   AD/HD advocate and owner of AD/HD In Perspective speaks to the need for the formation of a Canada wide AD/HD Community registry and organization.  “We the AD/HD Community are currently left to deal with our situations individually when the majority of our struggles are due to restrictive educational and social systems.”  Contact Robert through www.add-adhd-inperspective.ca

Sunday March 28th  Doors open at 11:00 — Town Hall Meeting 1 to 3 pm

AD/HD Community Town Hall Meeting 

Guaranteed to be a lively afternoon of AD/HD Debate.  The AD/HD Community suffers the same ramifications as any other minority does or has in the past.  The afternoon’s discussion revolves around defining the needs of the AD/HD Community.  Bring your views, concerns and solutions and be counted!


Saturday: $20.00 adults / students $10.00 with pre-registration ($25.00 and $15.00 at the door)

   Sunday: $10.00 for everyone

For registration and information contact

613.ADD.ADHD [233-2343]

AD/HD Community conference is proudly presented by AD/HD In Perspective Inc.


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