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Testimonials From Parents

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9th May 2003   latest testimonial letters being processed

A typical letter from a parent

Just an update on our daughter Jessica. Jessica is a completely changed child who now responds well to discipline. She still has her moments especially when tired but overall she is a happier child with more confidence in herself although this still needs work on.

We have not a had a tantrum for 2 months and have just returned from Lanzarote with a group of friends who's own children gave their parents problems and ours did not. Just wanted to say thank you and although everything is not perfect what in life is.

We now have a daughter we can enjoy and take anywhere.

mrs K Xxxxxxx

Eight weeks from the start of the intervention

It is now 8 weeks since we started our programme with Mark. We have seen an enormous change in the behaviour of all of us. Mostly we have a very happy boy, rather than the temper tantrums he would display he will now voice his upset. The other noticeable change is how his irrational demands are, decreasing.

We can even use our old sanctions provided we use them with the principles you have explained to us. It is today over 1 week since Jamie has been sent to his room, the last time, after being sent there it was not necessary to forcibly hold the door, it was enough to tell him that was where he was to stay. We understand how easily it would be to slide back to old ways of responding to him and have benefited immensely from being kept on track with our evening conversations with you.

The use of rewards and sanctions have worked when before these had little effect. Now we have established with Jamie that his behaviour was not special and that we do not enjoy punishing him but will not be diverted.

We had not realised before the enormous emotional reward he took from our hour and a half long attempts to tell him off. These were really arguments that weakened us regardless of how negative and angry we tried to make ourselves.

This need for emotional interactions with us is now fed to him through the quality time we can now give him and the praise he earns for his achievements. We know that we will never will be able to relax completely without risking going back to our old ways of responding to him, but it is becoming easier over the last few days and we find that we increasingly do the right things automatically.

It now certainly feels that we are on the correct road. Your programme was clear well supported and we could not believe how quickly you have transformed our family.

Thank you

Mrs P

Behaviour Change Consultancy 24 Rochdale, Harold Road, London, SE19 3TF
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