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Parents Evaluations

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(Name of siblings changed)

9th May 2003

Please give an example(s) of a typical interaction that used to occur
with your child

Sam would very easily lose his temper and be rude in his responses to us.

Did you see a change in this behaviour?

As identified when Warwick visited us we recognised the need to change how we interacted with Sam.   We started this immediately after Warwick left.   The difference in his behaviour was noticeable within days.   As we were calmer in our dealings with him so the temper tantrums decreased.

What have been the effects on your family of your decision to involve the BCC?

We recognised we had a problem that would not go away or that he would "grow out of".   We are extremely pleased that we involved the BCC as we can see real changes.   The support received has been tremendous and still is.

Although we realise we are not there yet;  we have gone a long way down the road to having a well behaved child.   I cannot remember the last time I actually shouted at him or lost my temper with him.   The normal sanction of sending him to his room has not been used since we started using sanctions in the way that was explained.   This really does work.   Linda and I now are not only calmer in dealing with Sam but also calmer between ourselves.   The ongoing contact and advice available are really worth while.

Would you recommend BCC to other parents of children with challenging behaviour?

We both agree it is, and continues to be, money well spent, we would have no hesitation in recommending BCC to any other parents with a problem.

Behaviour Change Consultancy 24 Rochdale, Harold Road, London, SE19 3TF
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