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Although to date all of my paying clients have found my suggestions helpful (only two of all my previous clients did not go on to complete their interventions), and have all expressed the view that my involvement was successful there will always be circumstances particular to your children (whom I usually never actually see) of which I am not aware.

I work solely on the information given to me by you and do not do any observations to see what is happening for myself.  This, and the fact that my skills are practically acquired - I have no formal qualifications in this area - leaves a large possibility for misunderstanding and error and must leave the responsibility for whatever happens within your family during and following my involvement entirely with you as your child's parents.

I do not accept responsibility for any adverse occurrence that might be deemed to have stemmed from your attempts to implement advice received from me.  You will have to accept all responsibility for any and all outcomes that result from your decision to use, or not use, suggestions I have made.

I agree to suggest alternative strategies or augment strategies that you have used in the past.  I agree also to discuss your implementation of the strategies.  It is your responsibility to make up your own mind whether or not any strategy suggested by me is likely to be effective and whether it is safe to use as circumstances change.

Parents of children with serious, violent, intimidatory behaviour are often advised by Child Psychiatrists to "not confront" which can be interpreted as "always give the child what it wants".  This advice could prevent a serious violent act from occurring.  Where a child is seriously disturbed this may be the best advice.

If the problems are merely associated with behaviour management issues then others think that without confronting aggressively the way to proceed is to not to accede to demands that are not in the best interests of the child or demands that are aggressively or rudely made.  This view holds that this will prevent even more serious behaviour developing in the future.

I work with you only on the assurance given to me by you that you have sought professional advice and that you have been advised that your child is not seriously disturbed and that your child's is in need of, and can cope with, changes in "behaviour management".  You need to make sure that you have received and will continue to receive the best professional advice as your intervention with the child proceeds so that you can be sure your child is not seriously disturbed.

Since I never actually see the children of the parents with whom I work and rely entirely on second hand accounts of what is happening between you and your children I am never, and can never be, considered accountable for their, or for your, emotional or physical safety or for any subsequent adverse outcome.

Please sign and indicate that you accept my involvement with your family on the nil liability basis described here.  Although I have years of experience I have no medical or psychological qualification and you must keep this fact firmly in mind and always consider for yourself your child's emotional and physical well-being and safety (and your own) and make entirely your own decisions about what is the best way to respond to your child during and following all our conversations.

This document is intended to act as a disclaimer and, if you sign it, you waive all rights to any legal redress for any adverse outcome that you might wish to claim in the future to have resulted from my involvement with your family and is intended to specify that you take complete responsibility for all outcomes that result from your decision to accept advice from me.

We (I) have read and accept all the points made in this document and agree to be bound by its terms.

We (I) have read and accept all the points made in this document dated (current date) and agree to be bound by its terms.

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